Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well after almost six weeks in Florida it finally rained, but mostly at night. We had a mild sprinkle when I took the dog for a walk this am, and it looks like the skies may open up any time.

Today was supposed to be a do nothing day, but of course #1 daughter had other thoughts in her mind. She was a bit depressed today, guess cause Mommanator will be flying back to NJ on Tuesday. I still have to watch the kiddos during the summer. I do miss those munchkins!

We started off by going to our town of Safety Harbor and went to a thrift shop- I do love those- they didn't have too many yard sales guess cause of the weather? I bought something for the kiddos, and hubby. I spent a whole $6.00 and they should all be happy with my purchases.

Then off to Clearwater Beach we went, to scope it out, before #2 daughter & kiddos come here in June. Man was it congested in Clearwater! They are sorta remodelling the downtown area and have much to complete! We then went over a bridge in Clearwater and found the best "Beach Park"- was very clean and the parking was great. They even had a boardwalk, but they don't really know what a boardwalk is! It goes about 100 feet toward the beach, then stops! She got to laughing after that! Folk in NJ really know how to build a boardwalk! For those of you who don't know what I mean ya ought to Google Atlantic City or Wildwood Boardwalk!

Next we had to go to Publix?? a grocery store, to get Orange juice cause she wanted Fuzzy Navels this eve. No wine for us today! O and of course the Hallmark store to purchase some birthday cards.

Do we go home now? No, we go over to my friends for dinner- she made homemade pizza- Yummy- did I ever tell you she is a great cook and Italian to boot! I have never had pizza with shrimp before but it was all thumbs up for that! She even made homemade sauce/gravy to put on it!

I missed my afternoon nap yet again and now it's 9pm and have taken the pup out for his final walk and am ready to hit the hay and watch some TV.

"just for you dog lovers- I did come home a few times in between all these stops to walk the pup- he didn't have to cross his little paws!'

The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star.
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755 - 1826), Physiologie du Gout, 1825


Molly Malone said...

everything's better with shrimp!

... and i'll bet Clearwater would be embarassed to place their boardwalk next to any NJ boardwalk. isn't it funny to see some places try to mimick other places?

donsands said...

"Folk in NJ really know how to build a boardwalk!"

I was in Atlantic City 49 years ago, and still remember it's granduer.
The Ocean City, MD Boardwalk is quite a nice one as well.

Have a Lord blessed day. And thanks for the encourgement.

Joe Tornatore said...

Publix sounds hairy.

Virginia Gal said...

Publix - the big grocery store chain down in Florida, rumor is they give one free cookie to kids there (well that is at least what my cousins who live in Tampa say, hee hee).

Merci said...

Well, since you're heading back to NJ, maybe we should plan a Girls' Night Out at the OC boardwalk. I haven't been there in awhile, not sure about Zelda...

mommanator said...

u r correct gal, but the give them here in MD too @ safeway- guess if ya have the kids with cookies they will bring in the mom or dad
merci- boardwalk ha they dont evn give credit to the word! girls night oyeh
joe- who would name a store that! i say it almost evry time goin there!
don- thanks for the stop by