Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Gift

This is what I get to look at at work! This is a porch which the residents can go out on and enjoy the weather, or even fish! You should see the fish in this water. Even makes me want to fish! But alas I must work! This IS a gift!

I have asked my grand kids what they want for Christmas. Twin #1 said-all I want is for you, Poppie, Auntie & Snickers to visit. The other twin has requested 4 packs of gum. The little grandson says-I want you, the other wants what he has wanted for almost 2 yrs now a nintendo ds. Needless to say they will be getting what they want!
It is a gift to me that they are not so 'thing' minded as I see other kiddos be.

What do you say when someone asks-What do you want? do we really NEED anything? Not me for sure. It isn't like when I was a kid, when you waited all year to get that "thing". I do want Christ to stay in Christmas! I want family & friends to be together. I don't want things to be bought on credit. You could even give me a hug and I'd be happy, how about something you've made? A good meal? A happy time together?


Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for calling over.i remmeber you with one pickle in the backyard. God bless you and yours.grand children another gift from God.

Dina said...

Hey, you were right about Table to Table. It started that way, gleaning whatever had been overlooked or left in a field or orchard. It was based on the Biblical injunction that every grower must leave something in the corners of his field for the poor to glean. Yes, like Ruth.
You're right about the gifts too. The fewer things I have, the happier I am. My kids are the same, thank God. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely spot.

There's nothing I really need. Time with people I love is what I want.

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is so nice that the grandkids want your company more than any thing else.......

Love your view at work as well!!

Gill from Canada

mommanator said...

Children & grandchildren are truly one of God's most precious gifts!