Saturday, December 06, 2008


The pretty greenery in the front is?? You guess, I know what it is HAHA, thought you were getting away easy huh!

I am so tired! Went yard saling- yes again. Ya know it really isn't me that fancies it. It's the hubby and best friend's idea of a way to spend so much time. Today one was hosted by the community in which we live,, sooo we walked it! I sure got some exercise today!
We did get some good buys though. Pizzelles! O MY GOODNESS do I love them and I thought wouldn't get them down here! My neighbor made them! She & hubby are from PA. They also made perogies- I don't eat them.
We even got some things free- free is good! How about an apple pie drink ya add vodka to- will have to taste that later- has to finish brewing? Also got some homemade dog goodies! Bought a couple of puzzles for my brother. Hubby is outside right now trying out the telescope he got for free. Some clothes for a patient, where we work 50 cents per shirt! Dr.Pepper soda cans for 10 cents a piece- lady didn't like Dr. Pepper! Got some needle work stuff, one thing I priced just this past week at Joanne Fabrics for $9.95 - got it for 75 cents( I did want it but wouldn't pay that much for it!, I saved how much!) We also bought a loom thing brand new, never used-at Joannes was almost $20-I paid
$3 for.
Guess I could ramble on a bit more, but gotta go make the bed I stripped this morn before going to yard sales!


Kate said...

I love love love yard sales. I remember going to them with my mom when I was a child. So much fun. Then the town I lived in about 10 years ago had an annual HUGE yard sale all down this ally behind my house - all kinds of people brought their stuff to sell and there were food stalls, and it was so much fun!

Shoebee said...

The plant in the front looks like sweet potato vine.

mommanator said...

O shoebee- you are so good- actually its called ornamental sweet potato! it is so pretty! I thought I might get some!
Kate dont the have them over there?

Carver said...

The plant looks like lettuce to me. I see that it's sweet potato, I need my eyes checked, ha.

Virginia Gal said...

I LOVE yard sailing!!! What good buys you found - I am envious!