Saturday, December 13, 2008


Nice pic last eve of the almost full moon over the house and the flag blowing in the breeze! I just wish it was just as perfect as what I saw, but I am not the best photographer.

Well I have had a pretty good time being off for almost two weeks, but it's back to work tomorrow. Then 2 days of work, a day to pack and then we are off to see the grandkids! I can't wait! HOWEVER I have so much to do before then. Like pack! yuck- I have put all the gifts together today. I still am working on one present. Maybe won't get done, unless I do finish on Monday.

I have been eating garlic like vampires are coming to get me. I have this spread that I have been putting on crackers from Einstein Bagels called schmear . I made chili yesterday and today sorta turned it into Pastafagioli. Yumm! I love that!

Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?
Edgar Bergen (1903 - 1978), (Charlie McCarthy)


Kate said...

That is such a beautiful photograph.

Molly Malone said...

nobody will ever tell you this, but vampires ARE coming to get you! definitely chow down on the garlic all you can!

Pax Romano said...

The first time I ever heard that expression was at a Jewish deli in South Philly; I ordered a bagel and the woman behind the counter said, "You want a schmear of cream cheese on that?"

Miss you like crazy!

mommanator said...

Mollie- you must know me better than I thought!
Pax- miss u too, maybe over the holidays we can get together-Red Barn?
Kate- thanks